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Dear chapped lips sufferer,

My name is James Gertis, and I have suffered from chapped lips for as long as I can remember – until a few years ago, that is. That’s when I found out the secrets to getting rid of chapped lips for good without any fear of them coming back. If you are suffering from dried out, red, burning, all-around painful and ugly lips right now, and if you have struggled to get rid of them with little or no success, then this letter will be the most exciting thing you’ll read today.

Let me tell you that if you are suffering from chronic chapped lips right now, I understand completely how you feel.

I myself have had:

• Lips that were in constant burning pain

• Bone dry lips with fissures and cracks all over

• Flakes of hard, dead skin jutting outwards like spears

• Blood blisters on my lips

• A red ring around my lips (think clown make-up, except not funny at all)

• Chapped corners of the mouth (angular cheilitis)

• Bleeding and tearing

If this is you, I understand exactly how you feel. I’ve lived it.

But that’s not the worst part, is it?

No, the worst part is the anxiety – how your chapped lips make you feel every moment of the day. I’ve spent many hours of my day stressing about my lips and how they looked and felt. And I could never forget about them either. Not with that constant burning pain reminding me every second that my lips were still chapped…

I felt ugly, unattractive, and far from kissable when I had chapped lips. If chronic chapped lips make you feel this way, I understand what you are going through. I’ve been there, and it sucks.

Like I imagine you are right now, I was fed up with the whole thing. I was done. So, I did what most people would do.

I tried every chapped lips “solution” I could get my hands on…

Now here is where having chapped lips gets really frustrating. Regardless of what I tried, NOTHING helped my lips. In fact, most lip balms and chap sticks actually made my lips look and feel worse!

I tried:

• Most brand name chap sticks and lip balm solutions

• Neosporin • Vaseline

• Cold sore cream (it was a long shot, but hey, had to try)

• Doctors and dermatologists

• Cortisone cream

The only thing that seemed to help was the cortisone cream. It worked miracles for a week, but you can’t use it for any longer than that. Otherwise, your lips will be much worse than when you started. After that week was over, my chapped lips came roaring back with a vengeance.

I was at a loss. Was there any way to get rid of this horrible condition?

Even the doctors and healthcare professionals were totally clueless as to how to solve this problem. All they could do was offer me cortisone cream and send me home.

After doing some research on my own, I was shocked to find out the REAL reason why none of this stuff was working…

Almost no chapped lips “remedy” on the market attacks the source of the problem!

Most people don’t know that chapped lips are really just a symptom of something else gone wrong in the body. So when you use name brand lip balms or even prescription medications to “solve” the chapped lips problem, all it’s trying to do is cover up a symptom…

And the root cause is still there!

This is like plucking the leaves off a weed and thinking it’s been taken care of. The weed will grow back, because the roots are still underground.

This is why your chapped lips will keep coming back.

This is why the conventional methods for getting rid of your chapped lips can never work.

You’re probably thinking…

“So, what DOES work against chapped lips? How can I get rid of it for good?”

You have to get rid of every root cause of chapped lips in order for it to go away for good. There is no other way, unfortunately. If you leave even one underlying source untreated, then you are doomed to dried-out lips permanently.

However, there IS a way to get rid of ALL of your root causes of chapped lips – and it doesn’t even take that long, once you know the secret! There is hope!

But first, we have to identify which of the top 5 root causes you might be suffering from.

The Top 5 Causes of Chapped Lips

I always wondered what actually caused chapped lips in the first place. And why it’s such a resilient condition. I studied myself and many others’ stories about their chapped lips. I started to notice a pattern…

Every person I listened to had a similar story. I noticed that whenever I looked at their particular case of chapped lips, the root cause almost always fell under one of just 5 major categories.

The top 5 root causes of chapped lips are (in no particular order):

1. Mild Dehydration

2. Vitamin Deficiencies (Poor Nutrition)

3. Licking Your Lips

4. Chap Sticks

5. Harsh Weather

Some of these may have been obvious to you (like harsh weather), and some of these may have even been downright shocking to you (who’d have thought chap sticks were causing chapped lips?) But I’m telling you, each and every one of these has a MAJOR impact on the quality of your lips. Having even one of these can quickly deteriorate the condition of your lips.

But why are these 5 things so damaging to your lips? And what can you do about it?

1. Mild Dehydration

Most people walk around in a constant state of mild dehydration. This is because the majority of people (especially in America) have poor habits when it comes to drinking enough water. We even substitute water for sweet/caffeinated/carbonated drinks whenever we can, so we get even less real water than we should!

Now you might not think that this is so bad, but if you have even a small deficiency of water (all it takes is a 2% drop from your optimal levels,) you can suffer noticeable lacking in the quality of cognitive function (like memory) and a feeling of sluggishness.

It doesn’t take much to dry out your skin and lips. Even so, your lips will suffer the most from mild dehydration.

2. Vitamin Deficiencies (Poor Nutrition)

Just like having a lack of water in your body, a lack of vital nutrients will cause problems for you. A poor diet won’t give you the kind of nutrition your body needs to repair the damage your lips take daily. And if your body can’t repair your lips quickly easily (because it doesn’t have the resources) your lips will continue to get worse.

3. Licking Your Lips

You could have the most perfect lips possible, and this habit alone would produce chapped lips for you in record time. Every time you lick your lips, you are putting digestive enzymes from your saliva right on your poor lips, which start breaking down the skin. Not only that, the saliva itself evaporates quickly, drawing moisture out of your lips!

And of course, what makes you want to lick your lips? Dried out lips. Lips that lack moisture. It’s a vicious cycle, and a very difficult one to break – if you don’t know the simple “tricks” that make it an easy habit to kick.

4. Chap Sticks

Now you’re thinking, “How can lip balm and chap sticks CAUSE chapped lips? That’s just dumb!” Unfortunately, it’s true. I’ve always wondered why my lips never improved when I used chap sticks, and the reason is that they are DESIGNED to keep your lips perpetually chapped!

Most companies that sell lip balm on a large scale (name brands) put certain chemical ingredients into their products that are intended to irritate your lips. This makes you want to apply more lip balm, and use the product up faster. The faster you use up the lip balm, the sooner you’ll go out and buy more.

It’s all about their bottom line. That’s why I avoid balms and chap sticks with synthetic ingredients in them – because they cause the very condition they claim to cure! (I’ll show you which chemicals to avoid later on.)

5. Harsh Weather

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve ever been outside in winter with your lips exposed, you found out pretty quickly what happens to your poor, aching lips. Even in summer, the dry heat can sap all the moisture right out of your lips.

Unless you know how to protect your lips from any environmental condition, you’ll be constantly in danger of chapped lips popping up in your life again.

How do you effectively deal with these 5 root causes – fast?!

When I suffered from chapped lips, I literally had every single one of these underlying symptoms to deal with. I had to find out (quickly!) the easiest way to eliminate each of these common base causes of chapped lips, or I’d never be free of this oppressive condition!

However, some of this stuff would require radical lifestyle changes, and I wasn’t prepared to just change all that immediately.

No, it had to be fast and easy to do, otherwise it could take months to see results. I wanted results YESTERDAY! I imagine you do, too.

So I tried to find the simple tricks and secrets that would have the most impact on the quality of my lips with minimal amount of time and energy wasted.

The results were phenomenal!

I found the quickest and easiest methods to beating chapped lips, and combined them into a very simple 2-step system. I used this system, and after the first week…

My lips were almost completely perfect! I’d never had such soft or moist lips in my life. It was like I never had chapped lips to begin with!

But it didn’t just take a week for me to see results. No, one of the shocking things to me was that I experienced almost instant soothing relief from the burning pain I’d grown so accustomed to.

I packaged my entire 2-Step Method that addresses every one of the 5 most common causes of chapped lips into an easy to read ebook – and I’m offering it to you right now!


‘Get Rid of Chapped Lips…Permanently!’


This 60-page ebook is jam-packed with all of my best tips and tricks for dealing with chapped lips. This ebook is designed to address each of the top 5 causes of chapped lips (and even a few uncommon causes) quickly and easily, so you can start living chapped lips free TODAY! This no filler, no fluff guide will show you how to heal and soothe thechapped lips you have right now, and make sure you are never haunted by this oppressive disease again.

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• How to avoid ingredients common in chapped lip remedies that are poisoning those who use them – and keep their lips perpetually dry and in burning pain! (I was shocked when I discovered I’d fallen victim to this.)

• The 3 most common myths about water that will keep your lips bone dry. (For example, the ‘8 glasses a day’ rule can actually prevent water from reaching your lips!)

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James Gertis


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